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            Mobei began its journey with simple desire to enhance self-expression. Our passion grew from there, and we began designing jewelry for every day. Self-expression allows us to remain who we are, but with greater pleasure when aligned with a comfortable piece of jewelry to flaunt. We have been crafting jewelry since 2014 and Mobei designs have adapted many styles and shapes over time. We promote our jewelry as fitting for everyday wear to enhance each moment. Different patterns and colors can flatter any mood and occasion, as well as allow us to be individual.

While we love the quality of our beads, Mobei’s standard lays in enjoyment. The requirements are simple: buy, express-yourself, enjoy, flaunt, and repeat. Trying different pieces every day and choosing something that bring out pleasure in a ritual of wearing jewelry. We always encourage to wear as many pieces together as preferred, but if a simple more conservative look is required, we have something for everyone. Our collection has discrete, conservative pieces, as well as pieces that will stand out with a bolder look.


Our process relies on a foundation which comes from feeling good about each piece as it is completed. We also try to consider the colors and type of beads used for each design. At Mobei we believe that the colors represent not just a mood, but also a feeling. Various bead shapes and sizes compliment the chosen styles that help achieve the anticipated look. Combining the separate fragments, we create the final product you see in the catalog.

Most of the designs are Mobei’s original, but we do borrow and recreate some of the classics with which we are familiar. We will just assume the original designers are flattered. Mobei does not produce any pieces in large quantities, therefore creating rare samples showcased in our shop. The designs are also pulled from current trends bridging the gap from rare to fashionable. Mobei uses different types of textures and different accents in its designs, presenting variety to select from. Beads and other accents are carefully paired to build a design that can last for longer than a season.  

Finally, at Mobei each design come with a thought of our shoppers. We strive to design and produce each jewelry piece as if it were designed just for you, with care and consideration. We understand that everyone has individual sense of style, that is exactly why we encourage buyers to try our brand. Pairing up many pieces can prove to be more than fun, but also satisfying. There is always going to be a new choice to pick from, and other collections to uncover. Enhance your self-expression every day with Mobei. Please join us as we continue this journey enjoying something different every day.

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