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Updated: Oct 23, 2021


During the course of history, beads have been made out of a wide variety of substances such as Coral, Lapis Lazuli, Agate, Serpentine, Gold, Silver, Iron and Glass. In ancient Egypt, wealthy pharaohs were buried in their tombs with beaded jewelry. Since that time beaded jewelry has become increasingly popular in human society.

Since ancient times, human beings have used beads to adorn their bodies and clothes. In primitive society, ‘natural beads’ were made out of materials like animal bones, teeth, seashells and colorful stones. Various traditions, customs and spiritual beliefs have been associated with beads in different cultures. Sometimes they have been a symbol of power, beauty and fertility, and at other times they have been crafted as representing human or animal spirits.

Beads have also been used for trade, when the barter system governed society in the middle-ages. The price of a beaded piece depends on its material, the intricacy of its design and whether it is hand-crafted. Some pieces can be quite expensive, while others surprisingly affordable. Beaded jewelry makes for wonderful gifts as it is beautiful to behold and very easy to carry. Beaded jewelry is appropriate for most occasions, whether it is a formal dinner or a casual jaunt at the café. Chunky pieces for an evening out add glamour while delicate pieces during the day make you extremely fashionable. You can even wear a beaded pendant and earring set to work.

Beaded jewelry is extremely versatile and diverse when it comes to colors, designs and materials. There is a wide variety of materials used in making modern beaded jewelry; some of these are Gemstones, Glass, Seashells, Rock Crystal, Coral, Stone, Pearls, Gold, Silver and even Plastic. Beaded jewelry lends itself to incredible custom-designing, making it extremely popular and convenient for adornment. It reflects a person’s unique style, aesthetic sense and personality.

Today, it is a must-have for most fashion-conscious people, especially young women. Fine fashion jewelry is essential for every woman to feel like a diva. With jewelry made out of beads, a woman can never go wrong in making the ultimate style statement!

Young people are increasingly researching beaded fashion jewelry online and ordering the choicest pieces on the internet. On the website of a quality jewelry supplier, one gets all the details on the jewelry piece, including its material, color, shades and size options, designing, price and history. There is an unlimited choice available, catering to every whim and desire. So, without further delay, go ahead and purchase a stunning piece of beaded jewelry, guaranteed to make you stand out among your peers.

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