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Blue Stone

When we talk about jewelry stones and gems, the popular answers would have to be diamond, pearl, rubies and the like. Little do we know that there is one unique piece lurking in the corner waiting to be seen. It is called the Larimar jewelry.

The Larimar jewelry is not the popular if we are to compare it with other stones that we have in the market today. Nonetheless, this has zoomed to greater heights in the jewelry industry because of its appearance and even more its totality. This is in fact known as Stefilia's stone or the Blue Stone.

This piece of item is in fact rare since it can only be generated from the Caribbean. Even more it is under the pectolite name. it is one striking gemstone in which its hues varies from light blue to blue green and the dark blue. This is one clear manifestation of the seas in the Caribbean.

Because of its rarity, it is no wonder that this is in fact really expensive in the market. However, its beauty can be compensated with the beauty it brings to anyone who wears it. In fact this is one unique stone with one unique color that only this can deliver. Even so, it has been noted before that there are blue stones with healing capabilities. Who knows this might be the one?

Hence, if you are looking for one unique gift for yourself or for your special someone, it would be best to get Larimar jewelry. As such, you are not only giving him or her beauty of the ocean but also the kind of treatment that only you can deliver.

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