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Gemstone Jewelry

Beaded Jewelry: Adding Beauty and Color to Your Life Without Spending a Fortune

It’s amazing what the right piece of jewelry can do; it can change an entire outfit by transforming something dull into something eye-catching and colorful. Gemstone and beaded jewelry pieces have a classic look that add something extra to your unique style. The good news is that it does not have to cost you a fortune to look elegant; jewelry pieces made from semiprecious stones can be gorgeous and affordable.

Some less expensive semiprecious stones include: aquamarine, yellow jade, fluorite, aventurine, serpentine, labradorite, and carnelian to name a few (there are many more). These stones are high in quality because they hide scratch marks well and they maintain their luster over a long period of time. Jewelry made from these stones looks new year after year—unlike silver that can look worn after a few years.

The best part about these semiprecious stones is that they come in a variety of bold colors like orange, green, and purple and they look stunning no matter what the occasion. An aquamarine necklace with a dangling teardrop pendant looks perfect with the right formal dress. A bright green Labradorite necklace looks great with jeans and a fitted T. You can dress the stones up or down and always be in fashion.

Colored Stones and beads are hot right now—just walk into Nordstrom or any other major department store and head to the jewelry section--you will notice hundreds of beautiful beaded necklaces with colorful stones. Look around you and you will notice that everyone from celebrities to corporate professionals is sporting the bold gemstone/beaded look.

Just because a necklace has brightly colored beads and stones, however, does not mean that it’s the real thing. Some jewelry is made out of synthetic materials (i.e. plastic) that can look very authentic. Before you buy something, always ask what it’s made out of. You could be paying way too much for something that’s not worth it.

Don’t get the wrong idea—beautiful gemstone and beaded jewelry can still be affordable. You will pay anywhere from $30-$100 depending on how many stones are used in the piece of jewelry—bracelets are not always going to be cheaper—mostly because stones are used to cover the entire length. Some stones tend to cost a little bit more than others—yellow jade for example.

The pieces of jewelry that tend to look the best are ones that have a solid color theme or ones with many different colors—like a rainbow. These tend to be the most eye-catching and have the capacity to match with many different outfits. Be careful about buying something that has a color that is hard to match; you will get more for your money if you stick to the basic and bold colors.

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