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Jewelry Thru The Ages

Jewelry has been around for thousands of years. Vanity never goes out of style, and apparently neither does Jewelry. As long ago as 3000 BC the Egyptians were fashioning all kinds of jewelry out of gold. Gold was the choice medium for the jewelers of the pharaohs. It was rare, which of course made the jewelry it formed very valuable. Gold was also very easy to work with, so jewelers of the past could fashion fantastic jewelry even without the benefits of the more sophisticated tools of today. While perhaps not as intricate by today's standards, ancient jewelers fashioned some of the most magnificent rings, pendants, necklaces and bracelets ever.

Golden Stones and Locks

In addition to gold, other cultures contributed to the beautiful adornments known as jewelry over time. The Greeks had a thing for using precious stones in combination with gold to create their jewelry. Stones like emeralds, garnets, and amethysts were not the only materials to enhance their jewelry possessions. Plain stones of differing colors were often used, as well as glass and enamel for the forging of jeweled trinkets. One of the more bizarre customs in the art of jewelry making, occurred during the Victorian era. Mourning jewelry was created to mark the passing of loved ones. Mourning jewelry was created using black colored stones, and often locks of hair from the deceased were tightly twisted or braided into the jewelry. Strange and macabre by today's standards, but common place back then.

Pearl From Small Beginnings

Pearl jewelry has long been a favorite jewelry for the rich and sophisticated. While at one time a very rare form of jewelry, as they could only be found in nature. Cultured pearls are just like real pearls, except for the human intervention of surgically placing a small bead into a mollusk to get the process started. Today's cultured pearl jewelry while much more common than pearly jewelry found in the wild, can actually be more expensive. As the aesthetics of the cultured pearl are more controlled, and the end aesthetics is often more pristine and attractive.

Occasional Jewelry

Jewelry is right for any occasion, and for many occasions an absolute necessity. Formal events such as weddings, anniversary's, graduations, and even funerals have their appropriate jewelry requirements. Your jeweler can help make the right, selection, or that jewelry fashion maven everybody knows of. A little research and simply experimenting with different looks will help define your own jeweled style. See what your friends wear, and of course the celebrities. They've always got the cash to blow on a little bauble now and then. I guess walking down a red carpet anytime calls for some occasional jewelry.

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