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Men's Collection

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Gift Yourself

Yes, men's jewelry has raised its bar over the years. An we love it, because it only confirms that men have good taste. Gents, since you already wear a nice watch, why not mix it up a little with a bracelet. Give yourself more to enjoy. A modern approach to a design is semi-precious stones such as tiger’s eye or black jade. They’re not part of a classic style, but a definitely a new and widely loved attitude to men’s collection.

Rocks and Stones

Get acquainted with many earth’s gifts in form of broken seashells, tank grown coral chips, and lava stones. Each representing different colors, with many textures, and weight, find what best fits you. Represent, and be you, wear what you feel is your style. Find new favorites and get as many as you have outfits. Change it up daily, pick a different size to a wear one next to a watch, or a bigger, bolder one to wear alone. Either way, make your play, and enjoy.

Metals and Accents

There is no need to over think this, but metals within the design are just as important. We all have preferences, and other jewelry or fashion accents, so matching should be considered. We have just the collection for you to choose from at where styles available in the men's collection will provide just the variety you are looking for.

Enjoy the coupon code

Mobei's designs incorporate natural stones and glass for an exquisite feel that will satisfy a man with a demanding sense of style. Metals, and stones are carefully matched when producing each piece. Follow our blog to learn more about stones in an upcoming posts. Follow Mobei on social media for coupon codes and other perks. To get you started, use coupon code: Mobeilove at check out for 35% off today.


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