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Discover how much you didn’t know. You have done some exploring and found stones or designs worthy of your wrist. Then, you discovered you like different things. Who knew!

Uncovering newfound favorites is a process. We often find that the old thing we did not like, is now new, as our style has changed. Nostalgia brings us to reach to rediscover the old as new. And sometimes we need to grow into a change.

Things do not have to be so complicated. Discovery can be intentional. And fun. The idea is to enjoy trying something new or different. Enhance your everyday look by adding semiprecious stones and incorporate them into the design. Some such stones tend to be heavier in weight, which can be great in specific layout. Also, broken chips of other stones, and coral are used to make beads. Take a piece of earth with you for a day by incorporating lava rock beads into a design. Glass has turned out to be a great source for beads. It is wonderful to see how many different shapes can be created with glass. Glass beads have different textures and come in every color.

Do not be afraid of color. Colors can stand out on their own, and rule the outfit, or a color can enhance a shade already within a style. Either way, colors are a fun way to enhance your look every day. At Mobei we love to use colors in our designs, and we are glad to share it with you. Discover the many colors this summer and different styles with Mobei. Stack the bracelets together to enhance the look and enjoy.

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